I thank the Lord for saving my soul and giving me His unspeakable gift — the gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:15. I thank Him also for the ability to take pictures and the means to complete each photographic task. Without His guidance, I could not accomplish anything. I pray that my work will reflect Him. “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31.

I am married to a wonderful, supportive, and loving man. He has encouraged me with my photography and any projects that I attempt.  He always has faith in me that I will succeed. I have a four year old little girl who is my life. A hug or smile from her thrills my soul. She is such a special person to everyone she meets.

My family and friends are a huge encouragement to me. No matter what I attempt to do, I always hear words of encouragement from everyone.



9 responses to “About

  • Diane J

    Hey girl….just sat here and read all 3 parts of your blog on the old churches to Bill and we both really enjoyed it! He said to tell ya he is proud of you…..and as a past teacher of yours…. I am also! You do a great job of writing and I love the pictures. I have to say the church of your grannys was very sad looking at…with the underbrush overtaking it. Bill and I enjoy historical family stuff, too. Believe it or not…..we,too, have visited old cemetary’s and looked at the dates on headstones and wondered about the stories behind them, esp children’s…..so know where you are coming from. The Methodist of yesteryear were strong Bible believing people, whereas today some are ordaining women preachers and agreeing with homosexuality. Some of yesteryears methodists….Charles Wesley…would turn over in their graves of todays philosophies. So much of todays worship is more man centered and entertaining to our flesh..than God worship.
    Keep doing what you are doing and we look forward to reading future posts (:
    Love ya girl……tell Buddy hi for us and give Emmie a hug!

    • Renee Bolden

      I am so glad you and Bill are enjoying my blogs! It means a lot to me that y’all are proud of what I am doing. I hope that seeing these pictures and the words that God gives me through His Word will reach someone’s soul and lead them to Christ OR back to Him.

      I am so glad that someone else enjoys visiting graveyards. I don’t feel as crazy now! LOL

      Thanks for reading. I will be posting another one soon!

  • Virginia Davis Trostle

    I will send you information on the Jenkinjones Southern Baptist Church pastored by Wylie Davis. I have pictures and founding members names. I will send them to you after gathering up some pictures. My sister Jane Davis Feger explained to me who you were and I have known Darlene since she was born as well as her brothers and sister. I sent a note on the link if you didn’t get it let me know. I will explain further.

  • Diane

    Just wanted ya to know I did get your reply back to me….enjoyed our chat Sunday night(:

  • James L

    I just stumbled across your site, Great site. I grew up in McDowell but left some 30 odd yrs ago. It is a beautiful place w/great memories. There was an old Orthodox church in Elkhorn That was beautiful too,I believe the building is still there, domed top and all. There are some new church plants too, an Anglican church is opening in the Kyle area. God is still moving and saving in McDowell. Thank you for preserving and posting these great old churches

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